Interactive and Entertaining 60 Minute Workshop

Recession-Proof Your Leadership

Hosted by Josh Ellison of Leader Circles

It seems like everyone is talking recession these days. Are we in one? Are we not? How do we know? What do we do about it?

The reality is that recessions are inevitable. There may be a question of when, but not a question of if. The real/bigger question is will you, your team, and your company be better, the same or worse when you come out it?

Avoid following the fear of the masses. Lead the next recession. Prepare now to accelerate your growth and expand in the next economic upturn.

Leaders Ask
  • How will my industry change?
  • How do I lead my team through this?
  • How can I best support my customers?
Followers Ask
  • What costs should I cut?
  • When do I lay employees off?
  • How can I survive this?

Followers tend to lean into fear based thinking that ultimately lead our economy into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Leaders who strategically and intentionally manage the voice of fear and lead through it will drive change, innovation and growth into the next upturn.

Join other growth-minded leaders to:
  • Explore the potential impact of the next recession
  • Discover ways to manage fear and lead through it
  • Learn to minimize the “Oh Sh*t” Ripple Effect

Gain insight and ideas from other leaders and share your perspective with them to begin to develop your recession proof plan for you, your team and organization.

We need stronger leaders in tough times; will you be one of them?

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

Meet Your Host

Josh Ellison

Executive Coach & Leader of Leaders

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and former CFO, I've learned that none of us have it all figured out. We often face similar challenges, tend to get in our own way, and struggle to make decisions quickly and confidently.

I've helped hundreds of leaders like you discover, enhance, and harness their inherent strengths to lead more authentically.